10 Year Warranty on Everdeck™ Vinyl Decking

Everdeck™ Ltd. guarantees to repair or replace any portion of the Everdeck™ 68 MIL vinyl decking membrane that leaks as a result of product defect within 10 years from the date of its installation.

1. The Owner must provide written notification to Everdeck™ Ltd. and to the Installation Company promptly upon discovering the need for repairs covered by the warranty. After receiving written notification from the Owner, the repairs shall be carried out within a reasonable period of time.

2. The Everdeck™ Waterproof System must be installed by an approved Everdeck™ Installation Company following currently approved installation methods.

3. In the event that there is a failure of the Everdeck™ membrane within the scope of this warranty, Everdeck™ Ltd. agrees to repair or replace the affected portion of the membrane, at its option, using the Everdeck™ membrane with the same (or similar) colour, design, or grade of material. Everdeck™ Ltd. shall under no circumstance be liable for damage to the building or written warranty. No representative has authority to make any representations other than those stated herein.

4. This warranty shall not be applicable to damage or loss caused in whole or in part by:

a. acts of terrorism, vandalism, misuse, negligence, abuse, or abnormal usage;

b. natural disasters, including, but not limited to, wind, lightning, earthquakes, hail, floods;

c. alterations or repairs to the deck or the membrane without written approval;

d. condensation or infiltration or moisture in, through, around, or above the walls of the building;

e. pooling of water caused by inadequate slope, settling of the building, or improperly positioned drains;

f. growth of fungus, or mould, or the spreading of bacteria;

g. failure of the structure to prevent the entering of precipitation, wind, or vapour into the system.

5. To the extent allowed by the laws of each State or Province, the remedies provided under this warranty state the limit of responsibility of Everdeck™ Ltd.

6. Everdeck™ Ltd. warrants the surface appearance of the membrane for 5 years. Should the deck membrane, when installed and maintained in accordance with Everdeck™’s recommendations, demonstrate excessive discolouration, blotchiness, or any other aesthetic shortcoming over and above its natural again process, Everdeck™ Ltd. shall replace or re-coat the affected area in the following manner:

a. If the problem occurs and is reported in writing to Everdeck™ Ltd. within 2 years of the installation date, the affected portion of the membrane (at Everdeck™ Ltd.’s discretion) will be replaced (solid colour products will be re-coated) at Everdeck™ Ltd.’s expense.

b. If the problem occurs and is reported in writing to Everdeck™ Ltd. after 2 and within 5 years of the installation date, Everdeck™ Ltd. shall provide materials only for replacement and the customer will be responsible for the installation labour.

7. Everdeck™ Waterproof Systems may require caulking in a number of areas. This caulking is subject to annual inspection and maintenance by the building owners. Neither Everdeck™ Ltd. nor the Installation Company are responsible for damages which are a result of the failure of the caulking after the first complete year from the date of installation.

8. This warranty does not cover membrane appearance problems such as fading or discolouration resulting from, but not limited to: weathering; pedestrian traffic; misuse; neglect; hydrostatic pressure; fungus or bacterial growth; biodegradable matter; problems due to inadequate slope of the surface, improperly positioned drains, or building settling which results in the pooling of water; or nails, screws, or substrate seams or cracks which become visible.

9. Everdeck™ Ltd. and the Installation Company reserve the right to suspend their obligations under this warranty if all bills for installation supplies and services have not been paid in full. Proof of purchase and payment must be presented to obtain warranty coverage.

10. The following items, including but not limited to, are not the responsibility of Everdeck™ Ltd. or the Installation Company during the repair or re-coat process:

a. removal and replacement of siding, stucco, railings, hot tubs, planters, furniture, carpeting, or any other materials either permanently or temporarily attached to the decking.

b. cleaning the deck; replacement of the vinyl or recoating may require the application of a sealer. It is the responsibility of the owner to provide a clean surface for maximum adhesion of the new surface.

11. The warranty is offered by both Everdeck™ Ltd. and the Installation Company. Everdeck™ Ltd. is responsible for any problems related to materials. The undersigned Installation Company is responsible for the workmanship and will provide any necessary repairs.

12. The Installation Company guarantees that the work has been performed in accordance with the most current standards and specifications set out by Everdeck™ Ltd. and is responsible for any workmanship related problems for a period of ___ years.

The Installation Company may offer an additional written warranty stating the scope of their responsibility.

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