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We have put our product through a battery of strenuous testing to prove its strength and durability against the elements. Using Intertek Testing Services we have passed several tests recommended for vinyl decking.

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Everdeck™ was tested on requirements such as overall thickness, breaking strength, lap joint strength, low and high temperature impact and cone penetration. Along with those tests, it was also tested for effects of water absorption, abrasion resistance, slip resistance, and more.

Everdeck™ was also put through a gauntlet of fire resistance testing. Everdeck™ passed every test that was required, earning Class "C" and Class "A" approvals for fire safety.

Testing Methods

For more information on requirements and specifications for Everdeck™, please visit these sites.


Everdeck™ Testing Results:

Testing Results Chart

Fire Testing Results for Everdeck™ Horizon Line:

Fire Testing Results Chart
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